martes, 23 de junio de 2009

6. Definitely No Garden Talent.

So if we are looking for talent here, I definitely do not have any garden talent.
'Fuego Negro' is doing slightly better, out of necessity keeping the garden tidy at least, and experimenting here and there. But Help Is Near.

Tomorrow the much-acclaimed Garden Architect will visit us from FarFarAway. He will solve it all, god knows against what cost. And given that I am not at home, I am to leave....instructions.

So here comes.

We need to know pricing (for starters).

Key words are, romantic, romantic, and romantic. Ah! And: 'easy to maintain'. :)

Would like to use both front and back garden. Grass necessary for kids. Front garden needs more privacy, but not the feeling of being totally closed off.

Issue area: side of the house, is mushy, and risk of flooding in cellar.

Would love a little 'kas' ('serre' is Flemish and he will misunderstand) for Fuego Negro to keep trying to make a little veggie garden ('moestuin').

Tree preferences: fruit trees, apples, mostly, need to learn how to prevent birds from eating everything.

Trees with flowers, like magnolia, cherry.

Our Ugly Tree Friend in front of the house unfortunately will have to be replaced, I like the hight it has today, though, and something with round shape and keeping its leaves in winter could be lovely?

Topic to discuss is what to do with the lawn (oprijlaan) and terrace. FN: you could discuss the idea of the 'printbeton' (I'm sure he will cringe at the idea), but you can explain it is actually quite nice, or ask him for other suggestions that are low maintenance (!!!).

So far. Keep me posted on the outcome! XX

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  1. Not bad for someone without "garden talent". At least, you know what you want.

    I will transmit your sugestions to the "world acclaimed gardener" that is visiting me tomorrow.

    And I will let you know what happened.